Aleator : Ideas for best results



Aleator is software for lotto players. This program is a very fast and powerful tool which will allow you to select the numbers to play according to the criteria of your choice.
It works with the following lotteries:

  • Eurojackpot
  • Euromillions
  • French Loto
  • Belgium Lotto
  • Swisslotto
  • UK Lotto
Aleator is not a program that will give you "ready made" forecasts, it is rather a great tool for research and analysis.
This software is Windows compatible and requires an Internet connection.

Main characteristics

Aleator is made up of 5 modules:

  • Results
  • Statistics
  • Search
  • Abbreviated wheels
  • Tickets


Be smart : Play with Roulettor



Roulettor is Windows compatible software for roulette players on the internet. This program offers a multitude of statistics that allow you to find the best moves to beat roulette.

Fully configurable, the program can memorize up to nine different statistics instantly updated. It is for example possible to configure a statistic which would analyze all the draws, another could study only the draws of a certain dealer, another would display that the draws according to a certain type of bet, etc etc ...

To download and try the demo version of Roulettor, click here. The demo version has all the features of the program but does not allow you to save the numbers of your choice. These are generated randomly.