Presentation of Roulettor

Roulettor is a Windows compatible software intended for players of roulette on the internet. This program offers a multitude of statistics to help you find the best strokes to play in order to beat roulette.

Fully configurable, the program can store up to nine different statistics with instantaneous updates. For example, it is possible to set up a statistic that would analyse all the draws, another one could study only the draws of a certain dealer, another one would display only the draws following a certain type of bet, etc etc...

To download and try the demo version of Roulettor, click here. The demo version has all the features of the program but does not allow you to register the numbers of your choice. These are randomly generated.

Roulettor's main window is divided into 4 parts:

  • The input panel
  • The results grid
  • The statistics settings panel
  • The various statistics tabs

To find out how to acquire the latest version of the program, click on the image below.

The input panel

This panel allows you to enter outgoing numbers. Simply click on the number of your choice and it will be added to the results grid.
For those who play on live wheels with a dealer, you can add the name of the dealer to the permanence. To add a new dealer, click on the New button then select him from the list.
You can also let the computer create random numbers by clicking on the Random(s) spin(s) button. The Undo button erases the last number output.

The results grid

The results grid gives you an overview of the last numbers issued. This grid consists of the following columns: Date Time, Dealer, #, Numbers, E-O, L-H, Col, Douz, Distance and Interval.
Interval is the number of draws since the last appearance of the same number.
Distance is the number of numbers on the cylinder (clockwise) between the last drawn number and the previous one. This indicator can be useful to detect the regularity of a dealer's throw.

To change columns, click on the buttons at the bottom of the grid.

The statistics settings panel

Roulettor allows you to set up to 9 different statistics. The parameters of each of them are saved automatically.
You can analyse all the draws from a certain draw to another or only the last n draws.
For the chosen period, you can then filter your statistic to analyse for example only the draws following the exit of a certain number or any other type of bet. If the field to the right of the bet type is left blank, the program will take into account the last bet placed to calculate the statistics. You also have the possibility to analyze only the draws of the dealer of your choice.

The various statistics tabs


The Wheel tab displays an original view of the roulette wheel cylinder. The number of outputs of each number is represented by a gradient from white to black. The more often a number is output, the darker its color will be. On this tab there are also three grids, the one at the bottom of the cylinder displays the statistics by sector of the roulette wheel cylinder. The grid to the right of the cylinder represents the distances. The last grid analyses the intervals. On each of these grids, you can click on the column of your choice to change the sorting.


The Layout tab displays the roulette carpet in various forms. The first four display the numbers in sequential order. The four mats on the right represent the numbers according to their position on the cylinder.
The four mats at the bottom are magic squares where each row, each column and the diagonals add up to 111.

Even Money Bets

The Even Money Bets tab displays the statistics of the roulette's single odds, namely Red and Black, Odd and Even, High and Low.
The top grid works like the other grids in the program, i.e. you can click on the column of your choice to change its sorting.
The first graph shows the number of spins of each single chance.
The second shows the number of spins made since the last appearance of each of these single chances. The curve in blue represents the maximum deviation encountered.

Other tabs

The Cols Dozs, Lines, Street, Digits, Corners, Splits and Straights tabs are the same as for Even Money odds but applied to the corresponding type of bet.


This table counts for each number the number of points obtained according to all the types of bets on the roulette.
The column Total is the sum of the points of each bet.
The column Ecart displays the number of draws made since the last appearance of the number.
The column Voisin calculates the sum of the points in relation to the cylinder. For example, if the number 17 is drawn, the cylinder will get 18 points, its direct neighbours 34 and 25 will get 17 points, then the numbers 6 and 2 will get 16 points etc etc...
Finally the column Ratio is the quotient of the total number of points divided by the gap.